Achievements of Foolad Alavijeh Cooperative Company

Immigration of members
The members of the cooperative company, who were at the time residents of Tehran, each having multiple workshops, all left the capital, selling all their assets in the city to move back to their homeland Alavijeh, so as to create jobs and to prevent unnecessary expatriation, hence the establishment of the factory. And today all the members work side by side the other employees of the factory.
Contributions to cultural and civil activities: 
In addition to job creation, the members of the cooperative company have walked side by side their fellow-citizens, actively contributing in civil, cultural and social activities of Alavijeh, so as to help develop the city, and they have not refrained from efforts to do so. Visit from the factory by school children and university students, with a lecture by the managing director on entrepreneurship and other topics, followed by a Q&A session.
Job Creation in the region: :
Employment of local labor force and satisfaction of labor workers as well as provision of services and facilities beyond the civil union laws and requirements have led to a mutual friendly interaction.
Quality of Products: 
Certified high-quality products which have received great appraise by its customers, with the seal of the company engraved on each item produced. One of the most important demands by the customers is the coverage of their wish-list, therefore in order to ensure customer satisfaction, today Foolad Alavijeh Cooperative Company produces and distributes more than 40 types of products including door and window profiles, beadings, and Square HSS profiles of 20x20 to 90x90 with thicknesses less than 4mm. Different rectangular HSS profiles of 10x20 to 40x10 with thicknesses below 1mm to 4mm, three types of 86-1 metal frames, French outframes and Mexican frames with thicknesses of 1.5 to 4mm, industrial and scaffolding pipes of sizes 20 to 114mm with thicknesses of 1.5 to 4mm, hexagonal HSS profiles with areas of 20x20, different types of hard sheets in desired thicknesses and dimensions, all in 3m to 9m cuttings.
Acquisition of Standard Label from Iran Standards and Industrial Research Organization for products of the company.
Trademark Registration: 
Acquisition of International Barcode for productions of the company and registration of its trademark in General Registry of Companies and Industrial Property.
Production to Consumption: 
Direct distribution of 90% of products among door and window production and housing cooperative companies throughout the country.
Election of the company as Top National Cooperative Assembly: 
By Ministry of Cooperation and Recipient of Letter of Appreciation by IRI President and Recipient of Letter of Appreciation and Continuous Excellence by Minister of Ministry of Cooperation and Welfare.
Acquisition of three ISO certifications: 
ISO 9001:2008 - OHSAS 18001:2007 - ISO 14001:2004
By MIC England and European Conformity Certification CE.
Consumer Rights Certification by Consumer and Producer Protection Organization Two years in a row in 2012 and 2013, as well as the Bronze Statue in 2014, and its Certification in 2015.
Letters of Appreciation: 
By Ministry of Cooperation, Cooperative Chamber, Social Security Organization, Governorate of Najaf Abad, the county, Alavijeh City Council, Education Ministry, as well as numerous banks for being a good customer, and appreciation from the company and the managing director by Bank Saderat in the form of memorial stamp in the name of the managing director of the cooperative company.
Customer Service: 
To ensure quality of products and services, Foolad Alavijeh forms a continuous relationship with its customers by receiving their written feedback and acting upon resolution of problems.
Company Motto: 
Quality of our products reagents our productions